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Our GoVado! pages are a great way to promote your business.  You can advertise in three ways:

  1. Individual GoVado! Pages:  Place your ad on specific pages that are suited to your target market. 
  2. Sponsorship:  Your business name is clearly promoted on a theme's cover page and on each page in the set.  It is a powerful way for organizations to promote themselves in a more strategic manner as opposed to an ad placement.  For example, "Waterfalls of Northeast Alberta, sponsored by ABC Outfitters Inc".  ABC Outfitters is perceived as a) an organization that cares about the natural wonders of the region, b) interested in promoting tourism in the region, and c) a leading supplier of outdoor gear for casual and serious adventurers.
  3. Custom Publications:  We develop and publish on our website a specific, named set of pages designed to promote your business or organization, with recognition on a cover page and on each page in the set.  For those wanting a special touch, we can custom publish and bind our pages in hard copy format.  We work with you to develop the finished look including your logo, desired color and material of cover and backing, and so forth.  These make great corporate gifts and prizes.

Ad Sizes, Sponsorship & Pricing

Dimensions for ad space (below) are in Interactive Advertising Bureau standard sizes.  For more information about IAB and ad sizing standards, click here

  • Single Block Ad - 300 pixels wide x 100 pixels high (example)
  • Double Block Ad - 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high (example)

Contact us for pricing and more details regarding ad space and sponsorship opportunities.


Custom Publications
Contact us for prices as it will vary depending on number of pages to be developed, desired binding, and so forth.



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