GeoTourism Canada's goal is to create meaningful travel experiences, for tourists from afar and for those of us here at home.  Why settle for finding a point of interest that doesn't excite you or doesn't build a lasting memory for your family?  Our Site Pages provide great information about unique spots which makes the place truly come alive.  It's easy to Get Going, Your Way!



GeoTourism Services

Put your tourism assets to work for you. We work with communities, companies and special interest groups to develop and promote the unique tourism assets within their region(s). Our services form a thorough analysis and project planning process, which can also be scaled down for those with smaller budgets.


Find unique and interesting sites that aren't always on the beaten path!  Each of our sites has a brief write-up including location information, photos, and a short story or narrative about that site.  Coming soon... an Interactive Map for plotting and downloading sites into your GPS unit.

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