Mountain Sheep of Western Canada (Pocahontas, AB.)

The Stamp
The Mountain Sheep of Western Canada stamp was issued on September 8 1972 as part of a five piece Landscape Definitives set. The set included images of a forest, prairies, polar bears, the seashore, and of course mountain sheep in the Rockies. These landscape images are not specialized to any specific place, and represent the whole of Canada. This particular 15-cent stamp was printed by the British American Bank Note Company. It was designed by Reinhard Derreth, based on a photograph by Harry Rowed. There are three variations of this stamp, due to colour shifts, perforation count and other changes during the printing process.

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The Area
Located just west of Pocahontas on Highway 16, mountain sheep frequently visit the mineral lick at this viewpoint. A roadside turnoff with outhouses is located on site for easier parking and wildlife viewing. Although it cannot be guaranteed mountain sheep will be found here, it is one of the best viewing spots in Jasper National Park. Even if sheep cannot be found on the particular day one chooses to make the trip, it is still a gorgeous drive along the highway.

Mountain Sheep are frequently encountered
 in Jasper National Park
Photo by Kirsten Christopherson


Performations:  12 x 12.5, 13
Scott Number:  595
Value 2009 (unused, very fine):  $150.00 maximum price depending upon variety
Value 2009 (used, very fine):  $0.20


Name of Site:  Mountain Sheep of Western Canada
Ownership: Parks Canada
Access to Site:  Jasper National Park is open year round, and although all major roads are maintained all year, some closures may be in effect during the winter or in certain weather conditions.
Appeal to Families & Children:  3
Appeal to People With Passion for Topic:  4
Scenic Appeal of Site:  4


Nearest Park or Municipality:  Jasper National Park
Operated by:  Parks Canada
Telephone: 780-852-6176
Park Area: 10 878 square kilometres
Park Established: 1907
Comments:  Backpacking, camping, picnicking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing and ice skating are allactivities that can be enjoyed in Jasper. The town of Jasper provides all services. Winter weather may cause road closures, so check the website for updates before embarking on your daily journey. 
Hours of Visitor Centre:  
     Seven days a week
     April 4- June 12: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
     June 13 - Aug. 31: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
     Sept. 1 - Sept 30: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
     Oct 1 - Oct 31: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
     November 01 - April 4: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Admission (2009): 
Daily Entry or Annual Passes available.
     Daily Entry Fees: Adult $9.80; Senior $8.30; Youth $4.90; Family/Group $19.60  


GeoTourism Canada Site Number: 
UTM Coordinates of Best View: 
    11U 0435059 5892396
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates of Best View: 
    53º 10.617 North 117º58.298 West
Accuracy of Site Coordinates in Meters: 
    5 metres
Altitude of Site in Meters:
    1,006 metres
Nearest Community with Postal Code: 
    Pocahontas, (near Jasper) Alberta T0E 1E0
Nearest Community with a Tourist Booth (VIC):


Nearest Primary Highway
    AB Hwy 16
Motorcycle Rider Friendly:  
    Hwy 16 is paved its entire length
Directions from Primary Highway to Site: 

  • Mountain sheep visible at various locations along Hwy 16 in Japser Park.
  • We suggest visiting the mineral lick just west of Pocahontas. 

Parking Instructions at Site: 
    There is a road side turnoff with parking available
    and an outhouse
Describe Terrain from Parking to Site: 
    307 metre walk from parking lot to site. Walk
    northeast to site. Flat along highway.
Civic Address: 
Mailing Address: 


** A box is not installed at this site. **

GoVado! ID Box No.: 
UTM Coordinates: 
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates: 
Legal Land Address: 
NTS Map No.: 
Overall Difficulty (1=easiest; 5=hardest): n/a
Overall Terrain Difficulty: n/a



Author:  Kirsten Christopherson
Date:  2010


GPS Latitude/Longitude Coordinates: Degrees, Minutes & Decimal of minutes; WGS84 datum
UTM Coordinates: WGS84 datum



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