GeoTourism Canada built a ten-metre (33' 3") long York boat for a 538-kilometre expedition on the Peace River!  The expedition recreated the historical route from Fort Dunvegan to Fort Vermilion.  The expedition launched June 1, 2011 at Fort Dunvegan and wrapped up 18 days at Fort Vermilion.

It was a wonderful experience for the crew and for GeoTourism Canada.  We had lots of people visiting us at our stops, sharing their much appreciated food and hospitality!

We partnered with Flow North Paddling Company of High Level, Alberta for assistance with project management and creating a shortlist of people for the crew. The York boat was constructed by North Woods Canoe Company of Cochrane, Alberta, based on historically accurate plans.  Unlike the early pioneers, the boat was very water-tight.  It also handled very well in the water.

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