We are doing several trips of various lengths in the summer of 2012 and you can be part of the crew!  The experience is truly unique and you will remember the trip forever. Our experienced and knowledgable captain puts the boat in at Dunvegan on a Friday and arrives at Peace River (or Strong Creek) on the Sunday. 

July 6 to 8 - Valley Experience (only 2 seats left!)
The first night you will be camping in tents alongside the river, and the second night is a comfy stay at Peace Valley Guest Ranch cabins which will include a delicious steak supper and optional evening horseback trail ride!  Cost for three days including all meals is $500 per person or $900 per couple, GST not included.

  • July 6:  Leaving Friday morning from Dunvegan. We'll be setting up the tents and making camp along the river that evening.
  • July 7:  Saturday you'll be up and on the river mid morning, arriving at Peace Valley Guest Ranch late afternoon.
  • July 8: Sunday breakfast on the ranch and then back on the water again. The boat will land at Shaftesbury Ferry, then we'll shuttle you back to Dunvegan/Fairview in the late afternoon.

July 20 to 22 - Wilderness Experience
With the Wilderness Experience, both evenings will be camping alongside the river.  The cost for three days including all meals is $350 per person or $600 per couple, GST not included.

Contact us to book your seat!

 An Authentic Experience!

These tours are open to individuals, couples or small groups who will essentially become crew members for the weekend, experiencing the river as the yorkmen would have, rowing the boat, sleeping on shore, cooking and eating pioneer-style camp food and hearing about the history and natural wonders of the Peace River valley from our knowledgeable captain.  We will be selling a total of 8 seats per weekend, with some room to hold more if children are on board. Price includes all meals, gratuities and basic camping supplies. 

 Custom Tours

Because there may be some groups who have 6 or 8 people (families, corporate retreats, etc.), we are also offering the opportunity to book the York Boat for the time and length of their choice, and may be able to offer tours of other sections of the river, customized on-shore experiences and other packages to suit the group’s needs. Bookings would be on a first-come, first-serve basis, and prices would be negotiated.

 About Us

Please note, GeoTourism Canada is a non-profit organization.  All proceeds from these tours go towards future programming for the york boat.  If you would like to know more, or have more questions, please contact Theresa at 780-625-4190 or email us.

More information about our York Boat and previous voyages:


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